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This is just another note promoting my fics at FanFiction.net.

Let's see them.

Master list

Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: AU, bit of fluff, soft porn, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Billy, Castiel/Allan.
Warnings: Bit of fluff, soft porn, Allan.
Summary: Dean has lost his soul mate and isn't interested in a new relationship. Castiel is a very naughty boy. And what will Allan do?

Part 1
      Part 2         Part 3
Part 4      Part 5          Part 6
Part 7      Part 8

Trouser Snakes Or The Tale Of Two Cowboys
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: AU, Dean/Castiel.
Summary: Cowboy!Cas lives alone on the plains. One rainy night cowboy!Dean drops by. Let the trousers fall!.

Here be cowboys

A Sliver Of White

Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Summary: It's just an AU story of Dean and Castiel who've met at a party and have sex later. It was an attempt at writing something weird. I'm not sure I succeeded.

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It's like an early Christmas present

I signed up for Dark Bingo and got my card today on December 1st. I'll have lots of fun this December. :D
loss of vision paranoid delusions zombie apocalypse religion holidays
kidnapping unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding orphans supernatural: creatures nightmares
disappearing cages wildcard drowning missing persons
hallucinations love spell / potion gone wrong undeserved reputation unexpected relations corporal punishments
deprogramming asphyxiation family slaves loss of limb / limb function



I should probably make a master post but I get easily confused over LJ. And I'm not stupid at this. Using the internet and stuff, I mean.

I haven't been here for a while because I've set up my home at FanFiction.net. If you want to read some more of my stories you can find them here. Please write a review if you feel like you have something to say about my fics. Good, bad or ugly. I'll take it all.

I'd like to shamelessly self-promote and tell you that I'm especially fond of my fics called 10 Days To San Francisco, The Lawyer And The Punk, The Punk And The Lawyer (these have a sequel called The Lawyer, The Punk And The Baby. Imaginative, right?) and my big whopper called Paint Me A Picture where you decide what happens. There's also one called Buzz Off that people seem to like. Because it's weird. And we like weird, don't we?

Anyway, I hope to see you there. Please bring your own tea and biscuits.